#GivingTuesday is Dec 1st!

These times are tough for all of us. But for our KEYS families, it is even more difficult, isolating and scary. 

At KEYS, it's all about the smiles...and during this pandemic, we are working harder than ever to continue to provide music, comfort and hope to our KEYS kids...and to keep those smiles shining!

 What are some ways we are creating smiles?


We are providing FREE Music Therapy via zoom  for our KEYS kids!

Delivering FREE ukuleles & rhythm instrument kits so KEYS kids can continue to make music at home!

Celebrating one of our KEYS kids every Monday Night Smile Concerts on Facebook Live!

Our #Giving Tuesday GOAL:

Raise $2,000!

Help us bring SMILES to these amazing kids!

Give a Smile Today!

This #GivingTuesday, you can share your gift small or large.

Together we will bring SMILES...


 Your gift of $25 or more comes with a special thank you--- a Holiday CD from the KEYS Program!

Share a  Smile on Social Media

Use the imagery & sample text below on your social media channels to raise awareness  for the KEYS Program this #GivingTuesday or create your own "smile" photo and post!

Be sure to tag #HolidaySmiles in your post so we can share too!

IMAGERY to Share on Social Media:

On Desktop, right click the imagery you want and select “save image as”, then save to your preferred folder.


On mobile, press and hold the imagery you want and select “add to photos”.

Giving Tuesday Square-Holiday Smiles2.jp

SAMPLE Social Media Text:


It’s #GivingTuesday! You and I have the chance to provide SMILES to children battling cancer & serious illnesses. Today your gift of $25 or more comes with special thank you – a holiday CD from the KEYS Program. Donate online at keysprogram.org/givingtuesday

SAMPLE Post to share with friends for your Facebook Fundraiser page:


The holidays are here. This #GivingTuesday I hope you’ll support my Facebook Fundraiser for the KEYS Program. Every gift regardless of size matters. It’s for kids battling cancer. Enough said!

SAMPLE Social Media Text:


This #GivingTuesday, join me in helping The KEYS Program delight

x-# children with a special Holiday Smiles Care Package in December. Donate online at keysprogram.org/givingtuesday  Every dollar you give goes directly to bringing SMILES to these special kids during the holiday season!