What is Music Therapy? 

In order to continue to provide our music therapy services to our amazing clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, the KEYS Program has implemented a NEW telehealth format, bringing the same quality support services to our families.

Music heals the spirit, mind, body and heart and we are honored to be able to continue to provide our services at no cost to all of the families we serve throughout the crisis. 

We have openings for new clients! We serve children and adults of all abilities and needs.  Contact us at info@thekeysprogram.org or 315-363-6446 for more information on how to enroll. 

BIG thanks to our donors who make these smiles possible!

Music Therapy  for KEYS Kids

The KEYS Program provides free music therapy services for children impacted by cancer and serious illnesses.


Our board certified music therapists and creative arts therapists use music techniques to achieve therapeutic goals.  Depending on their stage of treatment, our therapists provide music therapy in the child's home, at one of our group music therapy sessions, or at the bedside of children in hospice or palliative care.


Our therapists utilize techniques that help children with managing the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges they may face with a cancer or serious illness diagnosis.

  • Music helps to alleviate the stress, anxiety and fears that come along with a cancer diagnosis

  • Breathing techniques, redirection and visualization activities help to manage pain and anxiety

  • Drumming, rhythms and playing instruments give children a chance to actively engage in music making 

  • Music and movement activities help to strengthen targeted areas of the body impacted by surgery

  • Songwriting provides a creative outlet for a child to express their feelings and share their story

  • Music provides peace, comfort and healing to children journeying through the end of life

If you would like to refer a child, please contact us at info@thekeysprogram.org or 315-363-6446.

(Please note: We also provide music therapy and lessons for the community for a fee. See below)

Music Therapy & Lessons for the Community 

In addition to our free music therapy program, we offer music therapy and music lessons to children and adults of all ages, needs and abilities in Oneida and Madison counties.

We also provide music therapy services for nursing homes, special needs sites, adult cancer patients and for children on the autism spectrum too! 

Services are provided for an affordable fee for service that benefits our outreach programs for kids battling cancer.

Individual Rates: 

Your 1st session is FREE! Individual rates are $40 for a 30 min session/lesson in your home, and includes: 1:1 music session, travel to your home & documentation of each session.


Group Rates: 

Each site is different, so we customize our services to meet your needs. Discounts and matching grants available for qualifying groups. Contact us for group rates and availability 315-363-6446.

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