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Getting Rid of those Quarantine Blues.....part 3

We are somewhere between weeks four and five of this quarantine. I struggle to keep the days straight, my house is LIVED in, and I have cherished every moment *insert crazy face emoji here* with my husband and my daughter. This is a different time, a unique time, a time we will never get back...but also one that we may never have again. I hope that you are experiencing every moment, taking time for yourself (even if only to take a moment to breathe), learning a new skill, and creating lifelong memories. But most importantly, I hope you are all healthy and well!

What have you been able to do during this quarantine? One of my friends has done 8 puzzles, another read 14 books. Not to mention the countless number of essential employees who are SUPERHEROES.

We have taken walks (my beautiful daughter is experiencing the ability to walk outdoors in appropriate weather for the first time), explored bubbles, music, sensory play and so much more!!!

SO here it is....the third and final installment of the music intervention list of ideas and things for you to do while you are in quarantine!


This will take a little bit of research and time but can be a fun activity to learn more about music, lyrics and artists. For example:

  • How many songs can you list that has the word HAPPY in it?

  • Name three songs by Justin Bieber

  • Find three songs about the weather

  • Who sang Let it go?


For those of you that may have an instrument at home this can be an ideal time to sit down and learn some of the basics of this instrument together. Youtube has many amazing videos on basic piano, guitar and ukulele strategies to name a few. I highly recommend ukulele as it is an affordable instrument as well as easier to learn than guitar, especially for younger children.

*we have put together a telehealth program, offering online music therapy sessions and lessons. Contact Colleen or Adrienne for more information


Many music therapist utilize music to help children learn new educational material that they may have struggles with at school. Turn math, reading and social stories to a whole new level by creating a simple melody to make learning fun and easier to learn. How did most of us learn the alphabet? We sang it!! Make learning fun through music. For example:

  • Create math song melodies to learn addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and more.

  • Use rhythm and melody to help with spelling

(if you need an example, google "Miley Cyrus, bone dance" - Hannah Montana passed her science exam by creating a dance identifying the bones in the body)

This is not the last you have heard from me during this time! We are here for you!!! Don't forget to check out our website for so many awesome musical experiences!!!

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