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Summer telehealth music therapy and adaptive music lessons begin July 13th and run until August 28th!


Sign up for a 3 week mini-session or for the whole summer...whatever is best for you!


Sessions are open to all of our KEYS kids and their siblings, along with special needs individuals of all ages.     

FREE for kids impacted by cancer & their siblings!

Scholarships available for Special Needs individuals!

Give us a call 315-363-6446, email us at for more information.

BIG thanks to our donors who make these smiles possible!

The Negative Impact of COVID-19...

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially difficult for the patients in nursing homes and  special needs individuals in group homes.  They have been confined to their rooms and/or sites without visitors or any social gathering at their site since March, and many are feeling lost, abandoned and lonely.


Many sites have lost several patients to COVID-19, increasing fears, sadness and anxiety among patients and staff alike.


Across the board, patients are experiencing depression, isolation, fear, anxiety, weight loss and their overall physical and mental health is declining.

The essential staff are true HEROES and are doing their best to provide the BEST care for their patients. They are now reaching out to the KEYS Program to assist them in improving the mental and physical health of their patients and clients through the POWER of Music Therapy.



We are excited to announce we are partnering with  Nursing Homes, Special Needs Sites & Group Homes to implement telehealth Music Therapy at their sites starting July 13th!

Contact us for more information on how to have telehealth Music Therapy implemented at your site or where your loved one resides!

Give us a call 315-363-6446, email us at for more information.

BIG thanks to our donors who make these smiles possible!


The solution during these difficult times...


Music therapy is different from listening to music. With music therapy, our board certified music therapist works with a patient’s health care team to come up with a plan that uses music therapy to meet the patient’s specific needs.  They assess a patient’s strengths and needs and uses a variety of tools, music and instruments to help meet the patient’s clinical goals. Techniques used help to release endorphin hormones in the brain that help to improve mental health, well being and healing. 

According to research by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) individuals of all ages and all abilities benefit from music therapy.

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How YOU Can Help Deliver Music & Smiles!

With budget cuts and layoffs at these sites due to COVID-19, the sites have little to no funds available for these essential mental health services for their patients and clients, just when our services are needed more than ever! 


We need YOUR help! That is why we are reaching out to our donors and grantors so we may raise funding to provide these essential services for FREE to the sites we serve.  

If you would like to partner with us to help deliver music, hope and smiles to these amazing seniors and special needs individuals, contact Colleen Bennett, KEYS Executive Director, at 315-363-6446 or

What is Music Therapy? 

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